Type: Regular
Ideology: Liberal; Left-wing
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BabaBooeysTeeth (or simply, Booey) is an absurd regular who enjoys humor and OT threads just as much as he loves discussing political philosophy. Originally, Booey was slightly left of center, but over time, he became more and more left-wing, sympathizing with libertarian socialism but remaining committed to pacifism. Despite being from puritanical America, he is still seen as far-left by European standards and regards the Democratic Party to be filled with plenty of faux-liberals and "almost-fascists," while he thinks of the Republican Party as containing many "religious nuts and corporate bozos" (though these classifications may hold true to both "parties"). This leaves the board's trollish posters to classify him as "batshit crazy."

BBT is generally a friendly poster, however he will not hesitate to use his quick wit when necessary. For this reason, he loves off-topic posts, especially ones that are bizarre or humorous in nature.

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