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bingcherries is a former United States nuclear Navy sailor and currently teaches high school science classes. He is a competent teacher who earns every bit of his public union benefits and generous taxpayer funded pension.

He loves guns more than life itself and sometimes serves as an unpaid spokesman for the NRA. He has challenged Michael Moore's integrity on more than one occasion. He stated that if Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold didn't have guns, they would have rampaged through the school with "sticks and stones."

Derek Jeter, Rudy Giuliani, and Charlton Heston top his "most admired" list.

He had a well publicized feud with moviefan1995 over an alleged non-existent service medal and alleged lack of naval service as well. To date, moviefan1995 has not produced evidence to the whereabouts of a "Persian Gulf War Participation" medal.

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