burnetten / buffalobobsdefunct

Type: Angry Angry AARP
Ideology: conservative-in-denial
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Colonel Burnetten claims to be a retired military scientist and golf enthusiast who enjoys insulting and contradicting strangers on the Internet. He is a sinister figure who probably has vials of anthrax, Ebola and smuggled smallpox scabs in his refrigerator. He is a Democrat in the old sense…this is to say that he doesn't care much for black people. He continues to vote Democrat despite despising everything the party stands for.

He enjoys using technical terms to 'impress' his opponents. Many posters are under the impression that the Colonel is a fake, but his ego makes him drop obvious hints which allow those with skillz to verify that he is indeed who he says, which makes you wonder about the people in charge of our armed forces. He then accuses everybody else of failing to take their Risperdal.

He now posts under the pseudonym, buffalobobsdefunct, where he continues to drop personal information about himself, calls people "dopey," and posts sleep icons. When confronted, Bob insists that he's not burnetten, and then demands that the user stop posting his personal information.

Classic quotes:

-No, I'm the guy with HUNDREDS of peer-reviewed papers in scholarly journals.

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