Type: Luminary Lurker
Ideology: Progressive
ClarkNeverLeft is a hot young woman who is vocal and adventurous and whose interests include vegetables, costumes and handcuffs. She is the most popular female poster. Clark, a college student, is working hard to build a better tomorrow and a superbly better tomorrow night.
Last night, Marblehead handcuffed Clark's hands to the curtain rod in her closet. She was wearing an owl mask and her body was covered in pentagrams drawn in raspberry jam. Marblehead licked these off, one by one, all the while massaging her clit with his right hand.

Through the eyeholes of her owl mask she watched as he poured Canola on a zucchini. She was breathing faster now, and she ran her left foot up and down his right shin.

Earlier that day, she had been reading Toni Bentley's The Surrender, and the words came echoing back to her….

"His was first. In my ass.

I don’t know the exact length, but it’s definitely too big—just right. Of medium width, neither too slender nor too thick. Beautiful. My ass, tiny, tight, and tightly wound. Twenty-five years of winding as a ballet dancer. Since age four. Turning out the legs from the hips winds up that pelvic floor like a corkscrew. I worked my gut all my life standing at that ballet barre. Now it is being unworked.

His cock, my ass, unwinding. Divine.

This is the back-story of a love story. A back-story that is the whole story. A second hole story, to be exact. Colette declared that you couldn’t write about love while in its heady hold, as if only love lost resonates. No hindsight for me in this great love but rather behind-sight. This is a story where the front matter is brief and the end matter is all. When you’ve been sodomized as much as I have, things get both very philosophical and very silly very quickly. My brain has been rocked along with my guts.

As he enters me I let go, millimeter by millimeter, of the tensing, pulling, tightening, gripping. I am addicted to extreme physical endurance, the marathon of uncoiling intensity. I release my muscles, my tendons, my flesh, my anger, my ego, my rules, my censors, my parents, my cells, my life. At the same time I draw him inward. Releasing out and pulling in, one thing.

Bliss, I learned from being sodomized, is experiencing eternity in a moment of real time. It is the ultimate sexual act of trust. You could really get hurt—if you resist. But push past that fear, literally pass through it, and ah the joy that lies on the other side of convention. The peace that is past the pain. Once absorbed, it is neutralized and allows for transformation. Pleasure alone is mere temporary indulgence, a subtle distraction, an anesthetization while on the path to something higher, deeper, lower. Eternity lies far beyond pleasure. And beyond pain. The edge of my ass is the sexual event horizon, the boundary beyond which there is no escape.

The truth always shows itself with the ass. It doesn’t know how to lie, it can’t: it hurts, physically, if you lie. The pussy, on the other hand, can and does so all the time. Pussies are designed to fool men with their slippery shores and open harbor. My pussy proposes the question; my ass answers. Sodomy is the event in which Rainier Maria Rilke’s hallowed dictum to “live the question” is finally answered. Anal penetration resolves the dilemma of duality that is introduced and magnified by vaginal penetration. It transcends all opposites, all conflicts – positive and negative, good and bad, shallow and deep, pleasure and pain, love and death– and unifies them, renders all one. This, for me, is therefore The Act. Butt-fucking offers spiritual resolution. Who knew?

If I were asked to choose for the rest of my life only one place of penetration, I would choose my ass. My pussy has been too wounded by false expectations and uninvited entries, by movements too selfish, too shallow, too fast, or too unconscious. My ass, knowing only him, knows only bliss. The penetration is deeper, more profound; it rides the edge of sanity. The direct path through my bowels to God has become clear.

My yearning is so cavernous, so deep, so old yet so young, that only a big cock buried deep in my ass has ever filled it. He is that cock. The one that saved me. He is my answer to every man who came before him. My revenge.

Clark initially entered the porn industry as a means to pay off her sizeable bail and plea bargain after being arrested for transporting over 100 pounds of marijuana from Mexico into the United States in 2000. Her first sex scene was in Ed Powers' Dirty Debutantes 197.

She has been featured in HBO's A Real Sex Xtra: Pornucopia – Going Down in the Valley, Clark on Sex Toys, Clark: Porn 101, Clark's Sex Tips: Questions, Anyone?, and in the HBO documentary film ClarkNeverLeft: A Porn Star Revealed, in which she describes having chosen the surname Clark because people started calling her that and there are way too many Katies in the world. In the documentary, Clark claimed a genius-level IQ result of 165 on an online quiz. Although unverified, she did perform well on The Howard Stern Show when she participated in a general knowledge quiz game, not that general knowledge is related to IQ scores, the former being a measure of information retrieval, the latter of the ability to reason through set problems.

She has been interviewed on several FM band and Sirius Satellite Radio shows, recently on King Dude, The Mike Church Show as well as XM Satellite Radio on the Opie & Anthony Show starring Jim Norton. For several years she co-hosted The Wanker Show with Wankus on adult internet radio station

In 2008 Clark made a guest appearance on HBO's Entourage playing herself. She made her first mainstream feature film appearance in Kevin Smith's 2008 comedy, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, co-starring Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks.

Clark won the 2005 X-Rated Critics Organization Award for Unsung Siren, and she was named The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star Of The Year at the 2009 AVN Awards. She was a nominee for the 2003 AVN Best New Starlet Award.

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