Type: Luminary Regular
Ideology: Progressive
IMDb Profile

GoodbyePorkPieHat is one of the IMDb Royals…a long-time netizen possessing limitless anecdotes, he saunters through the board with one hand on the keyboard and the other clasping a vodka bottle or a bong. He will occasionally post while hammered, but unlike Allen he does not subside into violent rants…rather, he simply becomes unfocused and spacey and begins to reminisce about events which if recounted by any other poster would be dismissed as lies.

In the daytime, his pronouncements are generally regarded as authoritative by Politics board standards. Late at night, he will accost female posters and offer to show them his skillz as a cunning linguist and master debater.

He is generally grouped with the Independent Libertarians. As his SN suggests, he is a musician.

Claiming to be "a Chemical Engineer", it's probably just what he tells people rather than the truth - which is that he uses his mobile home as a meth lab. His various stories about how terrorists should blow up railcars containing chlorine, ammonia, or other hazardous chemicals have probably resulted in him being watched closely by the DHS.

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