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Ideology: Moderate
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ImagenAshyun (or "Immy") is a semi-regular poster who is among the more friendlier, mild-mannered posters who remains one of the few voices of reason, civility, and sanity (given she's in a good mood). Though still learning to be savvy in the world of politics and all things related to it, she can otherwise offer insight on any given issue in multiple perspectives most people tend to never consider. Areas she particularly has good amount of knowledge within topics of discussion tend to those related to psychology, law enforcement, history of various ethnic groups in the United States, and social issues within the state of California.

Currently, she is a college student with a major in psychology and minor in ethnic studies and music while aiming for ultimately a Masters Degree for a career in Forensic Psychology. She is the board's prominent resident Filipina-American, as well as one of few very active artists. Whenever discussing in the boards, she has a tendency to refer to personal experiences, her own culture and the cultures she was exposed to, and occasionally a as-of-named boyfriend she often speaks highly of if the subject is appropriate.

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