MattPenis, who also goes by variations of the name due to repeated banning by the IMDB Administrator (the current one being MattP), is an unusual addition to the Politics Board. It has yet to be seen for Matt to engage in any political discussions or state his viewpoint on anything. Instead, he chooses to obsess himself with Brandon and fight him for a reason not many people remember, so generally it is accepted that they are just natural rivals and fight for no reason other than the entertainment of the Regulars on the board. His general vocabulary is "Suck my Dick!" or repeated use of the words "Faggot" when agitated with someone. He is memorably known for his YouTube videos where he would lash out at Brandon with the vocabulary above, but would also use it as a way to attack any user who got on his nerves. In one video that had many users laughing, was when Matt acted the sounds of Brandon performing a blow job on him while calling him a faggot, leading many to wonder who the really 'faggot' is.

He makes mention a lot of his hometown Philadelphia, and gets quite angry when you type the short form 'Phillie' as 'Philly'. He has challenge Brandon on several occasions to come 'down to Phillie to get his ass whooped'. Bets were made, but nothing ever happened. Some have alluded to the idea that Brandon and Matt are sock puppets of the same person, who originally created one of the accounts to start a fight but continued it when it received much response.

For a long time all Matt and Brandon did was post topics about the other and fight for fifty pages until they reached the post limit, then would start all over again. Brandon would make a comment about how Mexicans are a disease, Matt would call him a Fag for no particular reason, Brandon would ask how old he is and how much his salary is, then Matt would challenge him to a fight. Thus was their relationship. Neither have been active recently, though Matt has said he is now 24.

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