Type: Gun Nut
Ideology: Conservative
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navykurt was the first person to enter the military services with post traumatic stress disorder. His PTSD was incurred during what has become to be known as the Battle of the Planets. For the record, it was a TV cartoon show from the 1970s, not an actual battle. He's the ultimate patriot always willing to lay down his life to defend the rights of others against a non-existent threat. Moreover, he is ready to take command and organize the neighborhood in the event of an alien invasion. Should such a thing occur, he has tasked himself with shooting Paul Krugman before Mr Krugman can reorganize the economy and rebuild the middle class.

Classic quotes:

  • If the Slabobian army parachuted in this evening I'd begin to round up able bodied men to fight. Once armed I'd be well with in the bounds of the law to shoot any able bodied person, of a fighting age that, that refused to fight.
  • I could terrorize people with a tooth brush if I had too.

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