Type:Disturbed Troll
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Brandon, who maintains many socks including ProudRepublican1981, is a peculiar 20-something man who has an intense homoerotic obsession with the posters geoffreygaebe and MattPenis.
He is a right-wing troll who enjoys either hurling insults or bemoaning his own sad and pathetic existence. According to him, all liberals get their news from MTV and worship Bill Clinton.
He is also infamous for using illegal immigration as a scapegoat for any event he doesn't like, be it the election of Barack Obama or a rise in gasoline prices.
Well known for asking "How old are you?" as a response to any criticism. If the person is younger than him, he immediately dismisses them as "immature" and will not accept any argument from them.
Also defines the "age of maturity" as his own: When he was 25, he said everyone 24 and younger was too immature to understand politics. When he turned 26, the age of maturity moved up as well.

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