Reporting is common on Politics board. Does something violate the T&C? Are you a nanny, reporting everything under the sun? Or are you just a plain old sensitive bitch? Most likely it was the first one. But during the week of June 15th something terrible began to happen: false reporting. DawnBlazesOverMarblehead was the prime target. Then, as people began to defend DBOM, their posts also started disappearing. SiamBlu, Communism_Is_Our_Future, pilsner51, and BabaBooeysTeeth all began having their posts deleted. Eventually, the board's resident Nicaraguan violent sex offender and obsessive homosexual, Ramon, admitted to being the culprit. He went on to say that he hasn't trolled for any young men in a while and has been dying for the spotlight, hence the bad behavior and the desire for a-spankin'. The deletion had lulled for a bit, until it picked up a couple of days later, this time with more victims. Menellom, Barbie_Ken_Forever, snh and Kay1989 started to see their posts deleted en masse. It has been speculated that there may have been several reporters, either a drama-loving prankster or one that's in league with Ramon.

This feud is ongoing.

Dip your throbbing cock in a jar of mayonnaise and slide it into my pulsating, unshaven anus. Let's talk dirty, reporter. Call me a filthy whore while I moan for you to push my sh‡t in. Pull it out and make me suck it…I'd suck the chrome off a trailer hitch for you, reporter. Come all over my tongue and I'll eat it all, I promise.

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