Type: Global Warming Denier
Ideology:Far Right Conservativism
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Dr rjfme is the Politics Board's climate change expert. He generously offers his expertise on any weather related issue and, incredibly, he always arrives at the same conclusion, the planet is cooling. He often engages in heated debates over anthropomorphic (or made in the image of) global warming (AGW) which always ends with his hatred of hockey sticks.

He also takes the lead in debunking the term, homophobia. He states that it is a secret strategy to normalize same sex corn-holing. Like many conservatives, he believes that incompatible bodily couplings are an icky-ness before God.

Seen here with his faithful companion, toubab.

He recommends: AGW Denier Central

Classic quotes:

-The world is cooling and has been cooling since the Holocene Optimum. [source can be found here -editor]

- What are you babbling about, woman?

-People claim it's a mental disorder all the time, you moron.

-You were born sexual and learned to be ambivalent about your choice of partner. [otherwise known as "traditional marriage" -editor.]

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