Type: Conspiracy Theorist
Ideology: Libertarian

Shifty1032331 is a 20 something from Texas who graduated from a Colorado college with a degree in film studies. Today, he is permanently unemployed. He is politically Libertarian, a Ron Paul supporter, believer in Austrian School of Economics, support non interventionist US foreign policy, critic of the drug war, infringes on civil liberties, anti patriot act, and supporter of the legalization of Marijuana. He is also a critic of both Israel and the Palestinians being apathetic to their causes. Many of his posts concern with economics, government spending, foreign policy, the federal reserve, the size of government, global warming, and religion & politics. He is an Atheist which shows in the religion & politics posts he starts or contributes to. Also a regular on the IMDB Sports board.

There Is A War On For Your Mind

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