Shugo Hack
Ideology:Liberal Moderate

Shugo is a Canadian prodigy rumored to be 17, with a vast knowledge and grasp of American politics. Shugo lives in Toronto and attends an Arts School, but has decided against a future career in Dramatic Arts or Dance, and instead is looking into political science and history as topics that might interest her. She is looking to join an Ambassadorship program that would allow her to work in Canadian consulates overseas.

While she is open to any form of rational discussion, she usually finds herself drawn to trolls and partisan hacks as she can't stand some of the stuff they say. She is a notorious Troll Feeder and can't help herself. She is extremely sensitive about her age being brought up in a discussion as a means to discredit her point, and usually accuses those who do so of having run out of arguments and having to resort to petty personal attacks. She also likes to talk American Politics as they are much more interesting than her own nations politics. She realizes the Canadian IMDB population is not as high as the American one, so saves Canadian politics for the MapleLeafsWeb politics board in order not to clutter IMDB with threads not many Americans are interested in. Likewise, mentioning her nationality in an argument only emboldens her to prove her point and become a little bitchy.

*Is for the Legalization of Marijuana as a means to curb Crime, especially in British Columbia.
*Support Gay Marriage (Joined in LGBT actions that helped legalize same sex marriage in Canada)
*Supports a women's right to choose
*Is for reasonable oil exploration in the Arctic and expansion in Alberta's oilsands.
*Supports culture and arts funding

*Thinks Israel is in the right on most occasions in the Middle East clusterfuck, but supports the establishment of Palestine as a country in Gaza and the West Bank.
*Supports the War in Afghanistan and thinks there should be troop increases
*Does not and never did support the illegal war in Iraq
*Is for expansion of NATO further east (Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Croatia, Georgia, Ukraine)
*Is for increased military spending and enlargement of the puny Canadian military
*Supports the United Nations, but does not support the corrupt Human Rights Council
*Is only for Iranian nuclear energy as long as UN monitors are not hindered

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