Trolls are a common phenomenon on internet message boards. These individuals post outrageous messages with the express purpose of creating discord among other other posters, as well as fulfilling the troll's need for attention. Trolls are sometimes confused with Idiots: the difference often lies in the willingness of the Idiot to carry on a conversation, instead of the Troll method of posting one message and moving on.

On IMdB, trolls are generally divided into two groups…kooks and parody trolls. Genuine kooks are fairly rare, and are tolerated for their humor value. These posters are often obsessed with conspiracy theories, certain celebrities or a completely random topic.
Far more common are parody trolls. These obnoxious posters do not usually divulge their true political beliefs. They flood the board with ridiculous rhetoric, usually drawn from either the extreme left or right.

A third category is sometimes invoked for a few posters—the Jokers. Jokers are often off-topic, rambling and have a tendency to flood the board to a trollish degree, but they are generally less interested in sowing partisan conflict and general negativity. The line between trolls and Jokers is very fine, and most Jokers are regarded as trolls by a sizable number of posters.

A partial list of notable trolls:

RonPaul2008—This crazed conspiracy theorist is a favorite target of abuse by many posters, due to his willingness to respond effusively to prodding. oten with insults and bizarre 'evidence.' He has occasionally been accused of being a parody troll, but the sheer volume of his output across multiple boards suggests true dedication to his 'mission.'

ProudRepublican1981—Known to longtime posters as Brandon, this individual was the nemesis of Matt Penis. He is seemingly mentally unstable, having a peculiar obsession with the Politics board and some of its posters, although this mindset has seemingly been decreasing over time, along with his output. A genuine kook.

MovieFan1995: A parody troll who posts using a variety of sockpuppet accounts. The most notable feature of this author is that he posts the same threads day after day, copied directly from some master file. He sometimes engages in discussions using his GeorgeBushSuckss account. His posts are usually met with the same response from burnetten—a challenge over the authenticity of his claims to be a Dreamworks executive and a decorated veteran of Operation Desert Storm.

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